Cliff Gager

My name is Cliff Gager. I have been successfully buying and selling properties for top profit for over 25 years now.


I’ve seen thousands of would-be investors – good, hard-working people just like you – end up getting eaten alive in this industry, simply because no one has given them the right tools and strategies to complete successful rehab deals.


I've decided to turn what I've learned over the years – the tested and proven strategies that have enabled my students and I to profit from hundreds of successful deals – into a simple blueprint that you can follow to start your own successful real estate investing business...

Admit it – you’ve been dreaming of making money from “flipping” properties for a while now, haven’t you?


You’ve probably seen at least a few of those shows on cable TV where some rich guy and his super-hot wife roll up in a Lamborghini to some dump of an investment property they just bought… then spend a few days yelling at contractors before the property magically transforms into a stunning, fully modernized palace.

And then, of course, they sell it for several times their investment, and then ride off into the sunset to go shop for a second yacht.

It’s definitely enough to get you excited, isn’t it?


You’ve been around the block enough times to know that real estate investing isn’t that easy.

You know that the “Average Joe” who dips his toes in the water gets them bitten off!

Heck, who doesn’t know a friend or two who bought a property with huge dollar signs in their eyes… just to end up broke, stressed out, and frustrated a few months later when they realize they picked a dud?

That’s because most people who try investing think they can “figure things out as they go along.”

They don’t bother to learn the “nuts and bolts” that successful investors depend on… things like:

  • Finding out for sure if a property is a good investment before they start signing documents
  • Researching neighborhoods, school systems, taxes, and other things potential buyers really care about
  • Getting the best properties at the lowest possible prices to maximize profit margins
  • How to accurately determine repair costs up front… instead of finding out they’ve bought a “money pit” after it’s too late
  • Negotiating with contractors to minimize upgrade and repair costs
  • “Staging” rehabbed properties to appeal to high-end buyers who will pay top-dollar
  • Leveraging other people’s money so they don’t risk their family’s well-being
  • Scaling their business so they can earn the income they really want!


And, to be honest, you’re probably more than a little afraid that you’ll end up being just another one of those failed investors who ends up with nothing but a disappointed family, an unsellable investment property, and a pile of shattered dreams.

I get it.

But if that’s what’s been holding you back from getting started with your first property, there’s something I want you to know:


You CAN make a fortune in real estate investing… IF you know the right way to do it!


Imagine if you had the exact strategies to find and buy the perfect property every time… renovate at minimal cost… and double, triple, or even quadruple your investment in just weeks or months!

Think about that! Instead of being stuck at a job all day and getting paid what your boss tells you that you’re worth… you could be out scouting for your next big investment deal. Let me tell you, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing a neglected house or building transform before your eyes… and then selling it to a super-excited buyer at a SERIOUS profit!

But that’s just part of the fun. Take a second to envision what you’d do with the extra time and income. You could finally get away for a luxury vacation at some exotic destination… spend time with your spouse, partner, or kids… or just catch up on some “me time” while your friends and neighbors are trudging off to jobs they absolutely hate!


That might sound like a pipe dream… but it’s the life I (and thousands of other successful investors) enjoy every day


During this webinar, you’ll learn exactly how to:


  • Uncover highly profitable real estate deals that even the PROS overlook!
  • Snap up properties fast… before other investors can submit higher offers!
  • Negotiate wholesale deals to stuff cash in your pocket fast!
  • Launch and grow a profitable real estate investing business with little or NO money out of pocket!
  • And MUCH more!